about soft story advisors

Real Estate and Business Veteran, Gordon Myers founded Soft Story Advisors out of the real need he witnessed daily, in the field.

Building Owners are stressed and concerned with hiring the best contractor and/or engineer to comply with Ordinance 183893 because they know that a bad decision can be a very expensive and painful experience.

Licensed as a Realtor in 1988, Gordon has been actively buying, selling, developing, managing and investing in real estate and can easily recognize a one sided deal vs. a good, fair one!

He immediately recognized the opportunity and foresaw the chaos when the Ordinance came out, requiring that approx. 12,500 city-identified, multi-family dwellings do the necessary work to support their “soft story,” buildings to better withstand a significant earthquake.

Lessons were learned from Northridge in 1994, and again in Mexico in 2017, providing evidence that Soft Story Buildings are more likely to collapse with any lateral movement during a strong earthquake.

Having lived in Sherman Oaks for 34 years and enjoyed working in the surrounding communities, he has travelled the world, built businesses, authored four books and is a trained public speaker. Gordon is a masterful communicator, negotiator as well as a certified professional conflict resolution coach.

Using his authenticity and unique sense of humor whenever possible, Gordon mostly enjoys meeting and connecting with every kind of people, to help them sort out all kinds of tuff stuff.

It’s really worth a shot!

"​Do unto others, as others need to have done unto them."